“FirstDown PlayBook changes how coaches teach the game of football. No more drawing plays and cards. This tool enhances your player's learning curve and does it in a fraction of the time.” - Mike Singletary, Hall of Famer and NFL Coach
  • Most comprehensive playbook reference tool anywhere
  • Playbook with over {{window.site.constants.playCount}} plays that grows 3x every week
  • Detailed coaching points from NFL coaches for every play
  • Offense-Defense-Special Teams-Youth-Flag
  • Flip all plays to see mirrored version
  • Plays, Defenses & Schemes drawn up vs multiple looks
  • Create playbooks & wristband sheets from our library
  • Perfect for 7on7 with concepts & coverage beaters
  • Designed for PCs, tablets & phones (internet connection required)
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One Place. All the Football.

Picture being in a huge sporting goods store except now each department is related to football plays! What do you need? Offense? Defense? Special Teams? Pass plays in one spot. Protections and runs in another. Defenses and pressures by front over here. 7 on 7? Absolutely! Finally, a place where you can find playbook help for all levels of football in one place.

Make it Your PlayBook

FirstDown PlayBook realizes that it is impossible for us to know your philosophy, personnel or schedule. That's why we give you a tool belt of plays and schemes so you can choose what's best for you. It's simple. Find what you need and create playbooks specifically suited to your team! Also know that we are always working to expand, and in 2018 we begin to look at editing features that will put the chalk back in your hand!

Be Better in Less Time...

Regardless if you coach in the NFL or in a youth league, there is never enough time. FirstDown PlayBook can help save you time. All of our plays are drawn up vs. multiple defenses or offensive formations, so you don't have to! Also, individual player assignments and coaching points are provided for every play. Combine this with our technology that allows you to save, share and print your playbooks and your life as a coach just got a lot easier!