BOB 2 Back Slot

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Coaching Points

FORMATION: 2 BACK SLOT PLAY: Inside Zone DESCRIPTION: -Typically run out of 21 or 12 personnel -Inside zone that is run to the open end side. -Best if run to the center shade & 5 technique. (Guard Bubble) -Potential throw or companion run vs 8 man fronts. GENERAL RULES: -Offensive Line, Tight End & blocking back are responsible for the Defensive line & LB’s. -The slot Receiver is responsible for any secondary support (Corner or Safety) COACHING POINTS: QB: Front out at 5 or 7:00. Get depth to the RB. Boot fake away Ball Carrier: Aiming Point: Offensive Tackle’s inside leg. Footwork: Open-Crossover-Roll WR’s: Play Side: Slot: Block Secondary force Wide Receiver: Man on Backside: Backside cutoff on MDM. Blocking Back: Step with away foot first towards the line of scrimmage. Block the first defender that shows off of the TE’s butt. Offensive Line: -Calls are made play side to weak side starting with the Tackle -The player making the call will dictate: -If he is working alone on a one on one block or -working a zone combination scheme with the next adjacent lineman. -Always leave at least one defender backside for the blocking back to block.