Printing & Wristband Help

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Printer Settings

[Note: Screen shots below are from Chrome on Mac. Your browser's print options my look different.]

Here's some settings you may want to apply

Depending on your browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) these settings may be a bit different, but you should have at least two options you'll want to consider.

Headers and footers - Un-check this to prevent your browser from printing out a header and footer on your paper. This would include the web page name and url - something you wouldn't need on your print out.

Background graphics - This is important for printing Wristband Sheets if you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox. The play images are on the wristband layout are actually background images, so you'll want to tell your browser to print those.

Layout options

Its up to you to select a Landscape vs Portrait orientation, and paper size. FirstDown PlayBook's print layouts are designed around a standard sheet of paper.

Wristband Sheets

To print Wristband Sheets at the intended size, you may need to tweak your orientation and page margins. Wristband sheets are designed to printed with a margin of 0.4 inches on each side, which is the default for our recommended browser, Google Chrome.

4-Up Wristband Sheets should be printed in Portrait orientation in order to fit a 4"x3" wrist coach.

6-Up Wristband Sheets should be printed in Landscape orientation in order to fit a 4.5"x2.25" youth wrist coach.

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